Heat Wave's Measuring Charts

Print out, fill out and mail or fax this chart to us.
Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch.

Name   Phone Date  
Address Due  
Diver Surfer Other
2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6.5mm
Style Alterations


1) Head   22) Thigh R L  
2)Chin   23)Above Knee R L  
3)Overhead   24)Below Knee R L  
4)Stripe length   25)Calf R L  
5)Neck   26)Ankle R L  
6)Shoulders   27)Inseam to above knee  
7)Back high   28)Inseam to ankle  
8)Chest   29)Above knee to ankle  
9)Around ribs   30)Ankle to calf  
10)Around waist   31)Bicep R L  
11)Around hips   32)Elbow R L  
12)Front high   33)Forearm R L  
13)Shoulder/back high   34)Wrist R L  
14)Shoulder/front high   35)Elbow to Wrist  
15)Shoulder/Chest   36)Elbow to bicep  
16)Neck to wrist   37)Women: tip to tip  
17)Shoulder to wrist   38)Women: sideseam to tip  
18)Underarm to wrist   39)Height  
19)Neck to waist    
20)Neck to hip  
21)Neck to crotch