How to Measure!

1.Head-circumference, above eyebrows.
2.Chin-around head, pointing chin slightly upward while measuring (divesuits only.)
3.Overhead-from collarbone up over head and ears to other side.
4.Stripe length-back neck bone to eyebrow, over head.
5.Neck-around neck (not your shirt size.)
6.Shoulders-top end of shoulder across back to other shoulder end.
7.Back high-looking at the back, arms down, measure where the underarm meets the body and across the back to other underarm.
8.Chest-around chest, arms down, relaxed.
9.Around ribs-right below chest, relaxed.
10.Around waist-for men: below bottom rib, for women: smallest part of waist.
11.Around hips-around butt at fullest part.
12.Front high-arms down, underarm to underarm.
13.Shoulder/back high-arms down, shoulder to underarm, vertically down back.
14.Shoulder/front high-shoulder to underarm down front.
15.Shoulder/chest-down front.
16.Neck to wrist-arm down, side-base of neck, over shoulder to wrist.
17.Shoulder to wrist-arm down.
18.Underarm to wrist-arm out horizontally.
19.Neck to waist-in back, base of neck to waist.
20.Neck to hip-in back, base of neck to fullest part of butt.
21.Neck to crotch-in back, base of neck to crotch (about four inches past hip measurement.)
22.Thigh-circumference, at fullest part.
23.Above knee-circumference, smallest part above knee-cap.
24.Below knee-circumference, smallest part below knee-cap.
25.Calf-around largest part.
26.Ankle-around smallest part.
27.Inseam to above knee-from the front, crotch to above kneecap.
28.Inseam to ankle-crotch to ankle bone.
29.Above knee to ankle-above kneecap to ankle bone.
30.Ankle to calf-ankle bone to fullest part of calf.
31.Bicep-arm down, relaxed, circumference at largest part.
32.Elbow-around elbow at smallest part.
33.Forearm-at largest part.
34.Wrist-at smallest part.
35.Elbow to wrist-arm bent, elbow bone to wrist.
36.Elbow to bicep-arm bent, elbow bone to bicep.
37.Women: tip to tip-nipple across to other nipple.
38.Women: sideseam to tip-side under the arm to nipple.
39.Height-in feet and inches.