Dive suits for warm water are generally the same as surfing wetsuits. Compression resistant neoprene may be available, but our regular rubber holds up relatively well for most applications. Any style is available, back zip one piece is most common. 2mm is the thinnest

Cold water suits are our specialty since we're in Santa Cruz. Again, any style is possible. The most popular are 2 piece hooded beavertail jackets and johns. These are available in both nylon 2 side and skin in, varying densities of neoprene are available as well. 10mm skin in with Nam Liong F4 is the choice of research and industrial divers in this area. Free divers prefer cell inside for flexability, Sheico L foam is our current option. Recreational divers appreciate nylon 2 side for ease of entry, and 1 piece suits have become more common. Across front zip hood attatched suits are popular with abalone divers.